Q: What can you predict of the future
A: It is our choices and actions that create our lives. My experience is that few things are predetermined truths.
During a Reading I look into your life and what I see for your future on your lifepath I refer to as prerequisites and possibilities.

Q: Do you use tools at work such as tarot cards, runes, pendants?
A: No. The channeled information is the heart of the mediumship work and I have chosen to work solely with it.

Q: Does the work function without us meeting physically?
A: The physical distance does not affect the work. The information can even be perceived more clearly.


Q: Where does Anna perform Readings?
A: Anna conducts readings over the Telephone, Skype and Private Meetings in Stockholm/Sweden. Internationally during events and group bookings.

Q: How do I book a reading with Anna?
A:  You pay your private session via PayPal here
Within two business days, we will contact you to make an appointment for your session.

Q: How long session should I book?
A: a 25 minute reading is a concentrated moment where the focus is on the area of life where you have the most issues. It is also suitable for any specific questions or as a follow-up call.
a 50 minute reading is the most common and is recommended where several areas of life are touched.

Q: During a phone call, where do I call?
A: Anna will be calling you at the number you provided at the time of your booking.

Q: In the case of a Sky-reading, what do I do?
A: You open your Skype at your schedueld time and Anna will contact the skype name you entered at your booking.

Q: May I ask questions?
A: You choose whether you want to ask questions or if you want Anna to have the conversation based on the information that reaches her.

"With Trust, Humility & Knowledge"