"On an ordinary Tuesday morning, my aunt suddenly stood in my hallway. Nothing strange about it,
if she hadn't been dead for 15 years"

Thats how Anna begins the story of the spiritual awakening that opened up abilities that have been with her since childhood.
- I've been clairvoyant all my life. I have seen people's energies, lifepaths and what we refer to as "dead people". But I haven´t had a language for my experiences, or time, I´ve been very busy in the physical world.
Becoming a medium?? Oooh no, I was a fashion designer!

But then she stood there one morning, Anna's dear aunt Monica and said that it was time.
It followed intense years of education, reflection and spiritual practice.
-I strongly questioned my experiences. With the feet firmly on the ground, it became a process to embrace mediumship. But in the work with clients I realized,  the communication that I´m receptive to simply cannot be explained any other way then spiritual and is so extremely valuable to the recipient.

- To be in contact with the Other Side and to be trusted to work together, it is with great humility and respect that I receive and perform this work.

Today Anna is one of the country’s foremost psychic mediums and work with a wide variety of TV-Appearances, Platform Speaking, Private and public Readings, and  Lifecoaching Lectures. 

"With Trust, Humility & Knowledge"