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Anna Stomsi


Anna will, through connecting with your energy, be abel to pinpoint certain areas in your life that may need some psychic guidance.
She will be able to help you with your pathway in life. Relationships, career and spiritual growth.
She will help you to recognize the opportunites thats ahead of you, remind you of your unice abilities and give you concrete tools to use right in this step.
You will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Please remeber, everyone in life has free will. What Anna see for your future can change depending upon the descisions that you make for yourself.
The intuitive reading give you guidence to use your power to create a life that you long for, a life of love and purpose.

Intuitive readings are held in english over Skype
Anna will be calling you
Intuitive Readings can be booked as a 25 or 50 minute session


Anna will connect with the world of Spirit. Ancestors, family and friends from the other side. They come through to give comfort, say the things they didn´t have time for and tell us how they are now. Sometimes to give hints and well-intentioned advice for you and your life.

You may have people that you would like to connect with, but Anna is totally reliant upon the Spirit and who would like to come in and talk to you. There is no guarantee that you will connect with the Spirit that you want to, with that said, normally-connections with Spirit are very personal and emotional meetings.

Mediumship readings are held in english over Skype
Anna will be calling you
Mediumship readings are booked as a 50 minutes session


Do you want to work with your intuition to trust it more strongly in your professional role? Do you experience sensations that you don´t understand, maybe feel afraid of? Do you find yourself in a position where you´ve been standing still in your spiritual development and wish to take steps forward?

During a Spiritual Development Session, we assume you. With the help individually tailored exercises you are guided to try, discover and develop your intuitive, spiritual and mediumship abilities based on your current level.

Spiritual Developmentsessions are held in english over Skype
Anna will be calling you
Spiritual Developmentsessions are booked as a 50 minutes session


Anna performs other work such as:
Inspirational lectures on topics such as intuition, the language of mediumship and modern spirituality.
Teambuilding and Group Coaching

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"I can warmly recommend Anna and I´m so grateful for the messages I received through her"


"Everything she conveyed was true and it was a fantastic moment where I received both confirmation and response to what had happened to him"


"Anna coaches in a deep and empathetic way and comes with surprising efficiency 
to the core point" 


"If you´ve been to a Reading with Anna then you really feel how genuine she is in her encounter with both sides; both the living and those who have passed away"


"With Trust, Humility & Knowledge"