"The first time I met Anna was at a public speaking with 20-30 people. She began to describe a person and wondered who the message was for. I was a little cautious and didn't dare think it was my son who came. When I finally said it was probably for me, it became so emotional that almost everyone in the room got tears in their eyes. It was a beautiful message and I recognized everything Anna conveyed from my son. I was so grateful for it was the first time which he came to me in this way.
I was so grateful that he had confidence in Anna and booked a private sitting. It turned out that my son showed up with her even before we met. Everything she conveyed was true and it was a fantastic moment where I received both confirmation and response to what had happened to him.
The third time we meet, I felt that I would like advice on my own situation. I did not say this to Anna but just sent a wish before we met. Anna told me that again my son had come to her before our meeting. He was with us and the first thing he conveyed through Anna was
"Now it's about you mother".
Anna is very professional, spot on and is also a warm and nice person. I can warmly recommend her and am so grateful for the messages I received through her. "
/ Annali Zachrisson
Public / Private Medumship Readings and Intuitive Reading

"Ones again, THAKYOU Anna! I really hope we can do this again. You give so much energy"
/ Tove
Public Mediumship Reading

"I think you have a very good attitude to the mediumship in relation to the life we live here and now. Big thanks for your time and your commitment"
/ Sara
Intuitive Reading

"Thank you Anna for a meeting that gave me insight and guidance.
I look forward to our next!!
/ Camilla
Intuitive Reading

"After a burnout, I got help from Anna to find my way back to the basics of my career and to be able to have a sustainable approach in my work.
Anna coaches in a deep and empathetic way and comes with surprising efficiency to the core point "
/ Annika Berg
System Area Manager Integration, SJ AB
Coaching Session

"From previous visits, many things that Anna talked about,  occurred! Not only did I bring tools to use going forward, the session gave me energy to proceed towards the life that I loong for!

Anna is really good at what she does. I
highly recommend her "
/ Annette
Intuitive Readings

"Thank you so very much Anna! We all thought you did a fantastic job. We were all strongly affected and very grateful that we got to experience this with you.
Again, Thank you!"
Public Mediumship Reading

"I just want to thank you for how you allowed me to sence my dad. It was like I could" see "him through you, how he feels. It means the world to me. I've felt him with me before but this was in another way. All the nice things he said to me and my mom. Everything was so very healing.
Once when I cried I felt how he wiped my tears, which he said through you that he usually does, it´s so nice to have it confirmed, too :)
Anna, thank you So very much!"
/ Josephine
Public Mediunship Reading

"If you´ve been to a Reading with Anna then you really feel how genuine she is in her encounter with both sides; both the living and those who have passed away."
/ Annika
Public Mediumship Reading

"With Trust, Humility & Knowledge"